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Record Cleaning Cloth (Pack of 5)

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5 Pack – Each pack includes 5 pcs 24cm x 16.5cm microfibre cleaning cloths to gently remove loose dust and debris from your favourite vinyl records and LPs. By keeping your records clean, you can reduce wear and tear on your records and stylus, whilst improving sound quality. Can be used on their own, or in conjunction with our 200ml cleaning solution, or professional record washer. 
Anti-Static Microfibre Cloth – The cloths are supersoft to the cloth, and will not scratch or damage your records. They are also lint free and will not leave any dirt or debris behind on your records. The record cleaning cloth also naturally dissipates static from the surface of your record, leaving you with a pop free listen. 
Easy To Use – Dry cleaning your favourite records only takes a few seconds. Simply wipe the cloth around your record in a circular fashion from the inside to the outside of the record so that all loose dirt can be removed. You should never clean across the grooves, as even with a high-quality lint free micro fibre cloth, this risks leaving surface marks on the record. 
Use Wet Or Dry – The anti-static cloth can be used dry to remove surface debris and dust from your record. If the dust is not loose / moving freely, then we recommend using the cloths with our SPINCARE record cleaning solution for a deep groove clean. After cleaning, put the record back into a poly lined based sleeve to avoid any contact with paper fibres, which can damage your vinyl. 
Our record cleaning cloth is another low cost, effective product in our vinyl accessory range. Designed for day-to-day maintenance of your vinyl records, the cloth will gently remove loose dirt and debris from your records, whilst dissipating static from the grooves. Simply clean the record in a circular motion, starting from the centre of the record and working outwards, making sure to never clean across the grooves. 
Removing contaminants helps to reduce wear on your records and stylus, whilst lifting audio quality and reducing pops and clicks during playback. The cloth is ideal for quickly removing loose dust, however If you need to remove ground in dirt from your records, then we recommend wet cleaning for best results.