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Join Us For Record Store Day 20th April 2024

Radiohead – OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017 3x 180G Vinyl LP Reissue

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Original price £28.99 - Original price £28.99
Original price
£28.99 - £28.99
Current price £28.99
Condition: New
3x 180G Vinyl LP Reissue
Catalogue Number:
Barcode: 634904086817
Record Grading: Mint (M)
Sleeve Grading: Mint (M)
Condition Note: Brand New

Track Listing/Description 
ip (Side A)
A1             Airbag
A2             Paranoid Android
A3             Subterranean Homesick Alien
skip (Side B)    
B4             Exit Music (For A Film)
B5             Let Down
B6             Karma Police
sky (Side C)     
C7             Fitter Happier
C8             Electioneering
C9             Climbing Up The Walls
C10           No Surprises
blue (Side D)   
D11           Lucky
D12           The Tourist
who's (Side E) 
E13            I Promise
E14            Man Of War
E15            Lift
E16            Lull
E17            Meeting In The Aisle
It (Side F)
F18            Melatonin
F19            A Reminder
F20            Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)
F21            Pearly*
F22            Palo Alto
F23            How I Made My Millions