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Edition: Super Deluxe Edition 12x Black Vinyl LP + Blu-Ray Box Set
Condition: New

Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls

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£10.99 - £349.99
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Condition: New
Track Listing / Description
Diamonds And Pearls (Remastered) 
A1 Thunder
A2 Daddy Pop
A3 Diamonds And Pearls
B1 Cream
B2 Strollin'
B3 Willing And Able
B4 Gett Off
C1 Walk Don't Walk
C2 Jughead
C3 Money Don't Matter 2 Night
C4 Push
D1 Insatiable
D2 Live 4 Love
Single Mixes & Edits (Remastered) 
E1 Gett Off (Damn Near 10 Min.)
E2 Gett Off (Houstyle)
F1 Violet The Organ Grinder
F2 Gangster Glam
F3 Horny Pony
F4 Cream (N.P.G. Mix)
G1 Things Have Gotta Change (Tony M Rap)
G2 Do Your Dance (KC's Remix)
G3 Insatiable (Edit)
G4 Diamonds And Pearls (Edit)
H1 Money Don't Matter 2 Night (Edit)
H2 Call The Law
H3 Willing And Able (Edit)
H4 Willing And Able (Video Version)
H5 Thunder (DJ Fade)
Vault I 
I1 Schoolyard
I2 My Tender Heart
I3 Pain
J1 Streetwalker
J2 Lauriann
J3 Darkside
K1 Insatiable (Early Mix - Full Version)
K2 Glam Slam '91
K3 Live 4 Love (Early Version)
L1 Cream (Take 2)
L2 Skip To My You My Darling
L3 Diamonds And Pearls (Long Version)
Vault II 
M1 Daddy Pop (12" Version)
M2 Martika's Kitchen
M3 Spirit
M4 Open Book
N1 Work That Fat
N2 Horny Pony (Version 2)
N3 Something Funky (This House Comes) (Band Version)
N4 Hold Me
O1 Blood On The Sheets
O2 The Last Dance (Bang Pow Zoom And The Whole Nine)
O3 Don't Say U Love Me
Vault III 
P1 Get Blue
P2 Tip O' My Tongue
P3 The Voice
P4 Trouble
Q1 Alice Through The Looking Glass
Q2 Standing At The Altar
Q3 Hey U
Q4 Letter 4 Miles
R1 I Pledge Allegiance To Your Love
R2 Thunder Ballet
Live At Glam Slam, 1992 
S1 Thunder
S2 Daddy Pop
S3 Diamonds And Pearls
T1 Willing And Able
T2 Jughead
T3 The Sacrifice Of Victor
U1 Nothing Compares 2 U
U2 Thieves In The Temple
U3 Sexy M.F.
V1 Insatiable
V2 Cream/Well Done/I Want U/In The Socket (Medley)
W1 1999/Baby I'm A Star/Push (Medley)
W2 Gett Off
W3 Gett Off (Houstyle)
Live At Glam Slam, Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 11, 1992 
BR-01 Thunder
BR-02 Daddy Pop
BR-03 Diamonds And Pearls
BR-04 Willing And Able
BR-05 Jughead
BR-06 The Sacrifice Of Victor
BR-07 Nothing Compares 2 U
BR-08 Thieves In The Temple
BR-09 Sexy M.F.
BR-10 Insatiable
BR-11 Cream/Well Done/I Want U/In The Socket (Medley)
BR-12 1999/Baby I'm A Star/Push (Medley)
BR-13 Gett Off
BR-14 Gett Off (Houstyle)
Special Olympics, Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 1991 
Soundcheck – July 19, 1991: 
BR-15 Let's Go Crazy/Baby I'm A Star/Push (Medley)
Show – July 20, 1991: 
BR-16 Diamonds And Pearls
BR-17 Let's Go Crazy/Baby I'm A Star/Push (Medley)
Diamonds And Pearls Video Collection 
BR-18 Introduction
BR-19 Thunder (Live)
BR-20 Gett Off
BR-21 Cream
BR-22 Diamonds And Pearls
BR-23 Dr. Feelgood (Live)
BR-24 Call The Law
BR-25 Willing And Able
BR-26 Jughead (Live)
BR-27 Insatiable
BR-28 Strollin'
BR-29 Money Don't Matter 2 Night     
BR-30 Live 4 Love (Live)
*Blu-ray is presented in: Stereo, 5.1 Dolby True HD (Special Olympics show and Glam Slam only) and Dolby ATMOS (Special Olympics show and Glam Slam only). 
Paisley Park Enterprises, in Partnership with Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Records, announces expanded reissue of Prince & the New Power Generation's multi-platinum album Diamonds And Pearls. This 7 x CD + Blu-ray features 47 previously unreleased tracks and over two hours of live filmed concert footage in high definition.
Following the successful release of the 1999 Super Deluxe Edition (2019), and Sign O' The Times Super Deluxe Edition (2020), the Diamonds And Pearls Super Deluxe Edition represents the third deep dive into Prince's vault. It includes a total of 75 audio tracks across 12x 180g vinyl records.
The set offers a newly remastered version of the album, plus 15 of the incredible remixes and B-sides from the era, including the never commercially released "Gett Off (Damn Near 10 Min.)" mix. The Super Deluxe Edition also features 33 previously unheard studio gems from Prince's Illustrious vault, ranging from alternate versions of album tracks to numbers Prince gave away to other artists, and songs recorded while on the road in 1990.
Prince & The NPG previewed the Diamonds And Pearls Tour at Prince's Minneapolis club, Glam Slam, on January 11, 1992. The sweaty, sold-out, last-minute show captures the sheer joy and sense of endless possibility that came to define this era. This previously unreleased live concert performance has been mixed from the 24-track master and rounds out the audio content of this 12LP set.
This same previously unreleased concert is also presented in stunning 2K video on the Blu-ray disc that accompanies both Super Deluxe Edition formats, in Stereo, 5.1 Dolby True HD, and Dolby ATMOS audio formats. The Blu-ray also features Prince & The New Power Generation's performance at The Special Olympics at the Metrodome in Minneapolis in July 1991 (also in Stereo, 5.1, and ATMOS), as well as a previously unseen soundcheck.
The Blu-ray is completed by the long out of print Diamonds And Pearls Video Collection, originally released on VHS and LaserDisc in 1993. The 120-page hardback book which accompanies the SDE set features unseen photos by Randee St. Nicholas, and essays by: author & broadcaster Andrea Swensson; Archivist and Senior Researcher for the Prince Estate Duane Tudahl; British music critic and Prince expert Jason Draper; De Angela L. Duff, an Industry Professor at NYU Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn; Social Media Personality KaNisa Williams; and an introduction from Public Enemy founder, Chuck D.
In addition, there will be a brand-new Dolby ATMOS mix of Diamonds And Pearls. This marks the very first time a Prince studio album has been mixed in ATMOS, and it will feature on an audiophile Blu-ray, featuring the album in Dolby ATMOS and HD Stereo (24bit / 44.1kHz) formats.
Diamonds And Pearls is the thirteenth studio album by Prince, and was the first with his new backing band, The New Power Generation. Featuring six massive international singles, including the hits "Gett Off", "Cream", and the iconic title track, the album was a worldwide smash reaching multi-platinum status in the USA and the UK, where it remains his best-selling album.

Track Listing / Description