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Nightwish - Yesterwynde

Edition: Indies Exclusive 2x Coke Bottle Green Vinyl LP
Condition: New
Original price £34.99 - Original price £87.99
Original price
£34.99 - £87.99
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Condition: New

Track Listing / Description
1 Yesterwynde
2 An Ocean Of Strange Islands
3 The Antikythera Mechanism
4 The Day Of..
5 Perfume Of The Timeless
6 Sway
7 The Children Of 'Ata
8 Something Whispered Follow Me
9 Spider Silk
10 Hiraeth
11 The Weave
12 Lanternlight
Once there was a dream.
And once upon a time – many, many moons ago – there was an enchanting summery twilight – a night full of wishes – on the rocky shores of a North Karelian island. There and then, under the luminous sky and by the crackling campfire, the magic was refined: beautiful acoustic melodies and serene chords began to shine with shooting stars.
No difficulty has been able to stop them ever since as they have wandered the path of the elves, gazed at the stars, recited the poems of dead boys, slayed dreamers and wandered the meadows of heaven – just to name a few twists and turns along the fascinating journey.
They were certainly there – and they are still here.
They are the Finnish / Dutch / British troupe NIGHTWISH – one of the most fascinating rock bands of the last decades, whose enigmatic paths have proceeded from acoustic passages to symphonic heavy metal and from catchy folk to progressive majesty. If there is one trait the band has year after year, it might be this: expect something familiar but also expect the unexpected. NIGHTWISH has indeed broken all kinds of boundaries – never deliberately, but perfectly naturally.
Now guess what? NIGHTWISH's new studio album "Yesterwynde" – the band's tenth overall – is no exception to the rule. But it is more...