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Join Us For Record Store Day 20th April 2024
Edition: Red Vinyl LP With Rose-Perfumed Inner Sleeve
Condition: New

Jockstrap & Taylor Skye - I<3UQTINVU

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£20.99 - £25.99
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Condition: New

Track Listing / Description
01 Sexy (feat. Babymorocco)
02 All Roads Lead To London (feat. Coby Sey & Ersatz)
03 Good Girl
04 I Touch
05 I Feel
06 Pain Is Real
07 Red Eye (feat. IAN STARR)
08 I Noticed You (feat. Kirin J Callinan)
09 Sexy 2
This remix record is the brainchild of Skye, who was making multiple versions of the album's original tracklisting to stay inspired during the writing of I Love You Jennifer B. The guest features on the remix record range from Ersatz, who inspired Skye to make music many years ago to IAN STARR who he only connected with online a few months ago.