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Edition: 2x Neon Pink Vinyl LP
Condition: New

Gabe Gurnsey - Diablo

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Condition: New

Track Listing / Description
1 Push
2 Hey Diablo
3 Power Passion
4 You Remind Me
5 I Love A Sea On Fire
6 Give Me
7 Blessings
8 Higher Estates
9 So Sweet
10 To The Room
Close your eyes and listen to Gabe Gurnsey’s latest offering, “Diablo”. You might be transported to a German autobahn after nightfall, strobe lights flashing in your private imaginarium. Or perhaps to a dimly lit basement, getting your top off as sound cascades off of concrete walls. “Diablo” moves in unexpected directions, and you quickly realise you can relax and trust it to make you feel extremely good.