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Fairground Attraction - Beautiful Happenings CD

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Condition: New
Edition: CD
Catalogue Number: RARESOCD1
Barcode: 5037300072678
Media Grading: Mint (M)
Sleeve Grading: Mint (M)
Condition Note: Brand New
Track Listing / Description
01 Beautiful Happening
02 Sing Anyway
03 What's Wrong With TheWorld
04 A Hundred Years Of Heartache
05 Learning To Swim
06 Gatecrashing Heaven
07 Sun And Moon
08 The Simple
09 Hey Little Brother
10 Last Night (Was A Sweet One)
11 Miracles
12 Lullaby For Irish Triplets
In 2024, after an absence of 35 years, all four original members of 80s band Fairground Attraction have reunited to tour Japan and the UK with a brand new studio album, 'Beautiful Happening' including the first single, 'What's Wrong With The World?'.
The band's debut, 'Perfect', went to Number One not only in the UK but in countries all around the world and, in 1988, it won Best Single at The Brit Awards. It has gone on to be regarded as a genuine pop classic.
Like 'Perfect', 'What's Wrong With The World?' was written by the band's guitarist Mark Nevin and sung by their brilliant vocalist, Eddi Reader. In a similar upbeat Country-pop vein as their huge hit, they finally answer the question on everyone's lips: "What's wrong with the world?"
There is no other band like Fairground Attraction – their use of the guitarrón (a large, Mexican acoustic bass), played by Simon Edwards, gives the bottom end of their records a warmth and character that combines with drummer Roy Dodds, Nevin and Reader to create a charming acoustic antidote to all that is modern and digital. When they arrived on the scene all those years ago, their unique sound was described by many as a "breath of fresh air" and it is even truer today than it was then.