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5-in-1 Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

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The SPINCARE record cleaning kit (RCK) contains everything you need to clean and care for your vinyl record collection. Here are your 5 steps to vinyl heaven; 
1. The cleaning solution and microfibre cleaning cloth gently removes dirt and debris from the grooves of your record. There’s enough solution here for 500 records, and the cleaning cloth can be washed. Your kit is going to last a long time before it needs replacing! 
2. A common mistake is not allowing their records to completely dry before re-sleeving them. This can lead to mould growth – yuck! Fortunately we have developed a quick dry formula, which means records completely dry within 5-10 minutes of wiping. 
3. The drying stand allows you to safely store your records whilst they dry. It can also be used as a display stand for your favourite records. Why not use as a “now playing” stand to showcase what’s currently spinning on your turntable? 
4. The super soft velvet cleaning pad removes any surface dust or debris from the surface of your record. Top tip – use the SPINCARE record cleaning kit in conjunction with our HDPE inner sleeves to avoid any contaminant build up. 
5. The final step is to move the stylus brush carefully, across the stylus from back to front - the same direction that a record spins. This will prevent any debris building up on your stylus, maximising audio reproduction and lifespan. A clean stylus is a happy stylus! 
1 x Microfibre Cleaning Cloth (30cm x 30cm) 
1 x Pure Vinyl Record Cleaner (200mls) 
1 x Drying Stand (can also be used to display record covers) 
1 x Super Soft Velvet Cleaning Pad 
1 x Carbon Fibre Stylus Brush 
Instruction leaflet