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Sell Vinyl LP Records for Cash UK How To - Albums and Singles 2023

Sell Vinyl LP Records for Cash UK How To - Albums and Singles 2023

Sell Your Vinyl Albums LP's and 12" Singles Record Collections for Cash 

You'll be reassured to learn that the Dig In team offer you 70 years of music experience in all formats and all genres.

Our knowledge base ranges from 60's 70's 80's 90's to the 2000's eras, covering international musical genres from Reggae and Hip Hop, to Lo Fi, Electronica, Dance, Breakbeat, Disco, Hi-NRG, New Wave, Dub, American Garage, Detroit House, Rnb, Soul, UK Garage, Bassline and 2-step. Whatever your record collection holds, from Trance and Hard House, to Chillout and Goa Trance, Punk, Rock, Metal of all types, Acid House, Techno, Hardcore .. in fact any genre of music except classical.

Sell Your Used Vinyl Collection in 2023

If possible we need to know the full inventory list of your records or a spreadsheet of your collection, or failing that a rough amount on vinyls, so when you Contact Us to Sell Your Records have this information ready as that's the first question we will ask. 

Remember, we consider all record collections to buy for cash with just a couple of exceptions, if you're unsure whether we would buy your vinyls give us a call on 01483 808586

  • How many records do you have - either an exact figure or an approximate number - please confirm none are classical and what genre(s) they are
  • Provide an Excel spreadsheet or 365/Cloud/Google document detailing titles and artist and any other information you have time to complete. It's possible you'll already have this to hand if you're one of those anal collectors which started buying vinyl and catalogue every purchase you have ever made. We will buy you a pint.
  • Your location and contact number - We don't mind whether this is a shed, an attic, a studio, bedroom or basement. Just tell us your postcode. We are in Woking, Surrey.

Once we have that information we digest over a cuppa and discuss the technicalities of visiting you, we require a telephone chat to verify the condition, location and logistics of transportation and verify that we are keen to buy your albums, EP's LP's and 12" singles .. and maybe any other musical items, formats or memorabilia that we may be interested in stocking. This telephone call is essential should we need to direct you elsewhere to sell your collection.

Record Collection Valuation for Cash on Collection Surrey, London and UK

Now, as audiophiles ourselves we really do understand the passion and love you have poured over your sacred LP's, especially if you bought them from new, or you have inherited them. We promise to pass on your passion and provide wonderful new homes for them where they will be played and revered just as much as you have. 

Here's what we don't buy: 78's vinyl, Childrens Music, Country and Western, Classical and Orchestral, Big Band and Easy Listening albums.

Pre Order New 12" Vinyl LP Albums and New Records

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