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Supergrass - The Strange Ones 1994-2008 Super Deluxe 6x Picture Disc Vinyl LP + 13CD + 7" Vinyl Single Box Set

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Condition: Used
Super Deluxe 6xPicture Disc Vinyl LP + 13CD + 7" Vinyl Single Box Set
Catalogue Number: BMGCAT377BOX
Barcode: 4050538461770
Record Grading: Mint (M)
Sleeve Grading: Near Mint (NM or M-)
Condition Note: Still new, sealed and unplayed but one corner has a dink within the seal

Track Listing / Description
Rarities, Remixes & B-Sides
CD1-1 Caught By The Fuzz (Backbeat Version)
CD1-2 Strange Ones (Backbeat Version)
CD1-3 Caught By The Fuzz (Acoustic)
CD1-4 Odd?
CD1-5 Wait For The Sun
CD1-6 Sex!
CD1-7 Condition
CD1-8 Je Suis Votre Papa Sucre
CD1-9 Melanie Davis
CD1-10 Sometimes We're Very Sad
CD1-11 Nothing More's Gonna Get In My Way
CD1-12 20ft Halo
CD1-13 Sun Hits The Sky (Bently Rhythm Ace Remix)
CD1-14 Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
CD1-15 Don't Be Cruel
CD1-16 The Animal
CD1-17 We Still Need More (Than Anyone Can Give)
CD2-1 We Still Need More (Than Anyone Can Give) (Dust Brothers Recording)
CD2-2 Sick
CD2-3 What A Shame
CD2-4 Lucky (No Fear)
CD2-5 You'll Never Walk Again
CD2-6 You Too Can Play Alright
CD2-7 Believer
CD2-8 Faraway (Acoustic)
CD2-9 Oracle
CD2-10 Velvetine
CD2-11 Electric Cowboy
CD2-12 Tishing In Windows (Kicking In Doors)
CD2-13 That Old Song
CD2-14 The Loner
CD2-15 I Told The Truth
CD2-16 Everytime
CD2-17 Kiss Of Life (Tom Tom Club Mix)
CD2-18 We Dream Of This
CD2-19 Fin (Dave Eringa Alternative Mix)
CD2-20 Car Crash
CD2-21 I Believe In Love
Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio Session 24th October 1994
CD3-1 Mark Radcliffe Introduction
CD3-2 Strange Ones
CD3-3 Time
CD3-4 Interview
CD3-5 Sitting Up Straight
CD3-6 Lenny
RDS Arena Dublin, 22nd June 1996
CD3-7 Shane O'Donoghue Introduction
CD3-8 Lenny
CD3-9 Caught By The Fuzz
CD3-10 Sitting Up Straight
CD3-11 I'd Like To Know
CD3-12 Odd?
CD3-13 Lose It
CD3-14 Richard III
CD3-15 Strange Ones
CD3-16 Time
CD3-17 Alright
CD3-18 We're Not Supposed To
CD3-19 She's So Alone
CD3-20 Melanie Davis
CD3-21 Going Out
Glastonbury Festival, 26th June 1997
CD4-1 I'd Like To Know
CD4-2 Richard III
CD4-3 Sitting Up Straight
CD4-4 Cheapskate
CD4-5 Time
CD4-6 Alright
CD4-7 Odd?
CD4-8 In It For The Money
CD4-9 Tonight
CD4-10 You Can See Me
CD4-11 Caught By The Fuzz
CD4-12 Going Out
CD4-13 It's Not Me
CD4-14 Sun Hits The Sky
CD4-15 Strange Ones
CD4-16 Lenny
Reading Festival, 29th August 1998
CD4-17 Out Of The Blue
CD4-18 Alright
CD4-19 In It For The Money
CD4-20 Richard III
CD4-21 Sun Hits The Sky
CD4-22 Going Out
T In The Park, 9th July 2000
CD5-1 Mary
CD5-2 Alright
CD5-3 Time
CD5-4 Jesus Came From Outta Space
CD5-5 Sick
CD5-6 Faraway
CD5-7 Sun Hits The Sky
CD5-8 Going Out
CD5-9 Caught By The Fuzz
Reading Festival, 25th August 2001
CD5-10 Steve Lamacq Introduction
CD5-11 Pumping On Your Stereo
CD5-12 Caught By The Fuzz
CD5-13 Moving
CD5-14 Can't Get Up
CD5-15 Beautiful Prople
CD5-16 Late In The Day
CD5-17 Lose It
CD5-18 Funniest Thing
CD5-19 Richard III
CD5-20 Going Out
CD5-21 Sun Hits The Sky
CD5-22 Lenny
Radio Kerrang! Session, 10th August 2005
CD6-1 St. Petersburg
CD6-2 Late In The Day
CD6-3 Seen The Light
CD6-4 Sitting Up Straight
Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, 18th August 2005
CD6-5 Kiss Of Life
CD6-6 Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)
CD6-7 Roxy
CD6-8 Moving
CD6-9 Low C
CD6-10 Road To Rouen
CD6-11 Bullet
CD6-12 Sun Hits The Sky
CD6-13 Fin
CD6-14 Mary
Later With Jools Holland, 29th February 2008
CD6-15 Diamond Hoo Ha Man
CD6-16 Bad Blood
CD6-17 Rebel In You
Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 10th December 2008
CD6-18 The Return Of...
CD6-19 Ghost Of A Friend
CD6-20 Outside
Roots & Vines (Demos, Out-Takes & Oddities)
CD7-1 Sitting Up Straight (4 Track Demo)
CD7-2 Caught By The Fuzz (4 Track Demo)
CD7-3 Lose It (4 Track Demo)
CD7-4 Richard III (4 Track Demo)
CD7-5 Out Of The Blue (Studio Recording Monitor Mix)
CD7-6 Moving (8 Track Demo)
CD7-7 Sun Hits The Sky (Acoustic Radio Session, Studio Brussel, 2002)
CD7-8 Stinkfinger (Studio Recording Monitor Mix)
CD7-9 Dark Star (Studio Recording)
CD7-10 Brecon Beacons (Rehearsal Room Demo)
CD7-11 Can't Get Up (Mini-Disc)
CD7-12 Funniest Thing (4 Track Demo)
CD7-13 Orbiting Around The World (Mini-Disc)
CD7-14 Sad Girl (Radio Kerrang! 105.2, Birmingham, 2005)
CD7-15 Road To Rouen (Studio Outtake)
CD7-16 Fin (Live At UEA, Norwich, 2005)
CD7-17 Car Crash (Rehearsal Room Demo)
CD7-18 Next To You (Studio Recording Monitor Mix)
CD7-19 Bury My Heart (Demo)
CD7-20 345 (Demo)
CD7-21 Tronic (Demo)
The Studio Albums
I Should Coco
CD8-1 I'd Like To Know
CD8-2 Caught By The Fuzz
CD8-3 Mansize Rooster
CD8-4 Alright
CD8-5 Lose It
CD8-6 Lenny
CD8-7 Strange Ones
CD8-8 Sitting Up Straight
CD8-9 She's So Loose
CD8-10 We're Not Supposed To
CD8-11 Time
CD8-12 Sofa (Of My Lethargy)
CD8-13 Time To Go
In It For The Money
CD9-1 In It For The Money
CD9-2 Richard III
CD9-3 Tonight
CD9-4 Late In The Day
CD9-5 G-Song
CD9-6 Sun Hits The Sky
CD9-7 Going Out
CD9-8 It's Not Me
CD9-9 Cheapskate
CD9-10 You Can See Me
CD9-11 Hollow Little Reign
CD9-12 Sometimes I Make You Sad
CD10-1 Moving
CD10-2 Your Love
CD10-3 What Went Wrong (In Your Head)
CD10-4 Beautiful People
CD10-5 Shotover Hill
CD10-6 Eon
CD10-7 Mary
CD10-8 Jesus Came From Outta Space
CD10-9 Pumping On Your Stereo
CD10-10 Born Again
CD10-11 Faraway
CD10-12 Mama And Papa
Life On Other Planets
CD11-1 Za
CD11-2 Rush Hour Soul
CD11-3 Seen The Light
CD11-4 Brecon Beacons
CD11-5 Can't Get Up
CD11-6 Evening Of The Day
CD11-7 Never Done Nothing Like That Before
CD11-8 Funniest Thing
CD11-9 Grace
CD11-10 LA Song
CD11-11 Prophet 15
CD11-12 Run
Road To Rouen
CD12-1 Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)
CD12-2 St. Petersburg
CD12-3 Sad Girl
CD12-4 Roxy
CD12-5 Coffee In The Pot
CD12-6 Road To Rouen
CD12-7 Kick In The Teeth
CD12-8 Low C
CD12-9 Fin
Diamond Hoo Ha
CD13-1 Diamond Hoo Ha Man
CD13-2 Bad Blood
CD13-3 Rebel In You
CD13-4 When I Needed You