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Suede - Dog Man Star 20th Anniversary Live Royal Albert Hall 4LP + 2CD Box Set

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by Suede
Original price £69.99 - Original price £69.99
Original price
£69.99 - £69.99
Current price £69.99
Condition: New
Deluxe Edition Box Set
Catalogue Number: suedebox006
Barcode: 5014797893382
Record Grading: Mint (M)
Sleeve Grading: Mint (M)
Condition Note: Brand New

Track List/Description
A1     Introducing The Band   2:53
A2     We Are The Pigs  3:46
A3     Heroine      3:11
A4     The Wild Ones     5:09
B1     Daddy's Speeding        5:19
B2     The Power  4:10
B3     New Generation   4:25
C1     The Hollywood Life       3:43
C2     The 2 Of Us 6:03
C3     Black Or Blue      4:04
D1    The Asphalt World        8:31
D2    Still Life     6:13
E1     Killing Of A Flashboy    4:55
E2     My Dark Star      4:05
E3     Whipsnade 4:23
F1     Together    3:56
F2     Filmstar     3:31
F3     Trash 4:12
F4     Animal Nitrate     3:16
G1    It Starts And Ends With You  4:05
G2    The Living Dead  3:15
G3    For The Strangers        4:04
G4    So Young   3:39
G5    Metal Mickey      3:20
H1    Beautiful Ones    3:48
H2    Stay Together     8:34
CD1-1        Introducing The Band   2:53
CD1-2        We Are The Pigs  3:46
CD1-3        Heroine      3:11
CD1-4        The Wild Ones     5:09
CD1-5        Daddy's Speeding        5:19
CD1-6        The Power  4:10
CD1-7        New Generation   4:25
CD1-8        This Hollywood Life      3:43
CD1-9        The 2 Of Us 6:03
CD1-10      Black Or Blue      4:04
CD1-11      The Asphalt World        8:31
CD1-12      Still Life     6:13
CD2-1        Killing Of A Flashboy    4:55
CD2-2        My Dark Star      4:05
CD2-3        Whipsnade 4:23
CD2-4        Together    3:56
CD2-5        Filmstar     3:31
CD2-6        Trash 4:12
CD2-7        Animal Nitrate     3:16
CD2-8        It Starts And Ends With You  4:05
CD2-9        The Living Dead  3:15
CD2-10      For The Strangers        4:04
CD2-11      So Young   3:39
CD2-12      Metal Mickey      3:20
CD2-13      Beautiful Ones    3:48
CD2-14      Stay Together     8:34
This special edition of "Dog Man Star. 20th Anniversary Live. Royal Albert Hall." includes the full album played live (57:21) along with the complete second set of encores (58:58) on both vinyl and compact disc.
The two-hour concert is presented across four 12” LPs and also on two CDs, in a large photo-album style book that also contains 32 pages of Paul Khera’s stunning photography from the concert. Alongside a lengthy review of the concert by journalist Mark Beaumont, Brett Anderson has written a special note for this release.