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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (OST) - V/A Limited 4x Picture Disc Vinyl LP Box Set

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Original price £129.00
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Condition: New
Limited 4x Vinyl LP Picture Disc Box Set
Catalogue Number: 8763-1
Barcode: 018771876311
Record Grading: Mint (M)
Sleeve Grading: Mint (M)
Condition Note: Brand New

- Notes and Musings from both director Edgar Wright & composer/producer Nigel Godrich
- Your favourite characters on a double-sided 24x36 poster
- Exclusive colouring page with artwork by Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley
Track Listing / Description
Original Soundtrack:
Side A:  
A1 Sex Bob-Omb–  We Are Sex Bob-Omb
A2 Plumtree–  Scott Pilgrim
A3 Frank Black– I Heard Ramona Sing
A4 Beachwood Sparks– By Your Side
A5 Black Lips– O Katrina!
A6 Crash And The Boys–  I'm So Sad, So Very, Very Sad
A7 Crash And The Boys–  We Hate You Please Die
A8 Sex Bob-Omb–  Garbage Truck
Side B:
B1 T-Rex– Teenage Dream
B2 The Bluetones– Sleazy Bed Track
B3 Blood Red Shoes–  It's Getting Boring By The Sea
B4 Metric– Black Sheep
Side C:
C1 Sex Bob-Omb–  Threshold
C2 Broken Social Scene– Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl
C3 The Rolling Stones–  Under My Thumb
C4 Beck–  Ramona (Acoustic Version)
C5 Beck–  Ramona
C6 Sex Bob-Omb–  Summertime
C7 Brian LeBarton–  Threshold (8 Bit)
Side D:
D1 Metric– Black Sheep (Brie Larson Vocal Version)
D2 Sex Bob-Omb–  No Fun
D3 Beck–  Garbage Truck
D4 Beck–  Threshold
D5 Sex Bob-Omb–  Indefatigable
D6 Plumtree–  Go!
Beck Ramona
D7 (Acoustic Demo Idea 1)
D8 (Acoustic Demo Idea 2)
D9 (Acoustic Demo Idea 3)
D10 (Mellotron Version)  
D11 Beck– Summertime
D12 Nigel Godrich– Enter Goddess
Original Score (Nigel Godrich)
Side E:
E1 Universal Theme
E2 Hillcrest Park
E3 Fight!
E4 Slick (Patel's Song)
E5 Love Me Some Walking
E6 Talk To The Fist
E7 Rumble
E8 Feel The Wrath
E9 The Grind
Side F:
F1 Hello Envy
F2 Mystery Attacker
F3 Second Grip
F4 The Vegan
F5 Nigel Godrich, Jason Falkner, Justin Meldal-Johnsen – Bass Battle
F6 Sorry I Guess
F7 Roxy
Side G:
G1 The Ninth Circle
G2 Beck, Cornelius –  Katanayagi Twins Vs Sex Bob-Omb
G3 The Fight Is Over
G4 Gideon Calling
G5 Level 7
G6 Welcome To Chaos Theme
G7 Beck, Nigel Godrich – We Are Sex Bob-Omb (Fast)
G8 Fast Entrance To Hell
G9 Chau Down
G10 Game Over
G11 So Alone
G12 Round 2
Side H:
H1 Nigel Godrich, Beck–  Death To All Hipsters
H2 A Different Guy
H3 Boss Battle
H4 Blowing Up Right Now
H5 Aftermath
H6 Bye And Stuff
H7 Osymyso–  Love
H8 Osymyso–  Ramona
H9 Osymyso–  Prepare
H10 Dan The Automator–  Ninja Ninja Revolution