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Mariah Carey - Music Box: 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition

Edition: 4x Black Vinyl LP
Condition: New
Original price £21.99 - Original price £65.99
Original price
£21.99 - £65.99
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Condition: New
Track Listing / Description
A1 Dreamlover
A2 Hero
A3 Anytime You Need A Friend
A4 Music Box
A5 Now That I Know
B1 Never Forget You
B2 Without You
B3 Just To Hold You Once Again
B4 I've Been Thinking About You
B5 All I've Ever Wanted
B6 Everything Fades Away
C1 All I live For (Extended Version)
C2 Endless Love (duet with Luther Vandross)
C3 Do You Think Of Me
C4 Workin' Hard
C5 My Prayer
D1 Hero (2009 Version)
D2 Anytime You Need A Friend (Extended Mix)
D3 Music Box (A Capella)
D4 Dreamlover (Live from Top Of The Pops)
D5 Without You (Live from Top Of The Pops)
E1 Dreamlover (Def Club Mix)
E2 Anytime You Need A Friend (C&C Club Version)
F1 Anytime You Need A Friend (Soul Convention Remix)
F2 I've Been Thinking About You (Terry Hunter Remix)
F3 Workin' Hard (Terry Hunter Remix)
G1 Emotions (Live at Proctor's Theater, NY - 1993)
G2 Hero (Live at Proctor's Theater, NY - 1993)
G3 Someday (Live at Proctor's Theater, NY - 1993)
G4 Without You (Live at Proctor's Theater, NY - 1993)
G5 Make It Happen (Live at Proctor's Theater, NY - 1993)
H1 Dreamlover (Live at Proctor's Theater, NY - 1993)
H2 Love Takes Time (Live at Proctor's Theater, NY - 1993)
H3 Anytime You Need A Friend (Live at Proctor's Theater, NY - 1993)
H4 Vision Of Love (Live at Proctor's Theater, NY - 1993)
H5 I'll Be There (featuring Trey Lorenz) (Live at Proctor's Theater, NY - 1993)
A 4-LP set, Music Box: 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition presents the original album Music Box in its entirety on Disc One with the noteworthy addition of "Everything Fades Away" (previously available only as an international bonus track).  Discs Two and Three premiere a variety of previously unreleased tracks including "Workin' Hard,""All I Live For (Extended Version),""My Prayer,""Hero (2009 Version),""Anytime You Need A Friend (Extended Mix,") "Music Box (A Capella)"and two live performances from Top of the Pops: "Dreamlover"and "Without You." Disc Two also includes Mariah Carey's duet with Luther Vandross on "Endless Love"as well as two brand new remixes from Grammy Award nominated DJ Terry Hunter: "I've Been Thinking About You"and "Workin' Hard."  Disc Four, "Mariah Carey Live at Proctor's Theater, NY - 1993" presents Mariah's complete showcase for the first time and features eight previously unreleased concert performances.  (The Proctor's Theater performances of "Hero"and "Dreamlover"are the only two previously released tracks from the concert.)

Track Listing / Description