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Edition: 2x Standard Black Vinyl LP
Condition: New

James Holden - Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities

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Condition: New

Track Listing / Description
1 You Are In A Clearing 
2 Contains Multitudes 
3 Common Land 
4 Trust Your Feet 
5 The Missing Key 
6 In The End You’ll Know 
7 Continuous Revolution 
8 Four Ways Down The Valley 
9 Worlds Collide Mountains Form 
10 The Answer Is Yes 
11 Infinite Fadeout 
12 You Can Never Go Back 
Electronic explorer James Holden returns with a generically unconstrained new album of rave music for a parallel universe that seeks to reconnect with the feelings of hope, freedom and possibility that characterised the earliest days of dance music, coming to terms with his own musical past in the process.
In contrast to its jazz adjacent live band predecessor The Animal Spirits, Holden's trippy fourth solo artist album is more of a continuous sound collage, artfully juxtaposing audio worlds and field recordings with an anything goes approach in the style of early nineties pastoral classics like The KLF's Chill Out and the sprawling radioscapes of Future Sound of London.
Includes a colourful 12 page booklet of original illustrations by Jorge Velez (Professor Genius).