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Ezra Collective - Dance, No One's Watching

Edition: Indies Exclusive 2x Satin Red Vinyl LP + Signed Print
Condition: New
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Condition: New

Track Listing / Description
A1 Intro
A2 The Herald
A3 Palm Wine
A4 God Gave Me Feet For Dancing (feat. Yazmin Lacey)
B1 Ajala
B2 The Traveller
B3 N29
C1 No One's Watching Me (feat. Olivia Dean)
C2 Hear My Cry
C3 Shaking Body
C4 Expensive
D1 Streets is Calling (feat. M.anifest & Moonchild Sanelly)
D2 Why I Smile
D3 Have Patience
D4 Everybody
Dance, No One's Watching is an ode to the sacred, yet joyous act of dancing, an album that musically guides you through a night out in the city, from the opening of possibilities as a new evening spans out ahead, to dawn's final hours as the night comes to a close.
Written during a blistering 2023 which saw Ezra Collective tour the world, and become the first jazz act to win the Mercury Prize, Dance, No One's Watching is a documentation of the many dance floors they encountered. From London to Chicago, Lagos to Sydney, dance and rhythm connect us. These songs are a testament to that spirit.
The album was recorded at Abbey Road studios, where the band was surprised by a group of close friends and family, turning the sessions into a live communal celebration of love, music, and dancing.
Dance, No One's Watching is a record that speaks to the unifying power of dance. Set for release in September 2024, it is a powerful and distinctive addition to a catalogue that continues to blaze a bold new trail in contemporary British music.