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Remaining Record Store Day 2024 Stock NOW LIVE

Doctor Who: Time And The Rani - Keff McCulloch 2x Vinyl LP

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Condition: New
2x Black Vinyl LP
Catalogue Number: SILLP1578
Barcode: 738572157876
Record Grading: Mint (M)
Sleeve Grading: Mint (M)
Condition Note: Brand New

Track Listing / Description
A1 The Rani Takes the TARDIS (Sound Effects)/Leave the girl, it's the man I want/Doctor Who (Opening Theme)
A2 Einstein
A3 A Nice Nap
A4 Urak and Ikona
A5 The Death of Sarn
A6 Bull in a Barbershop
A7 Not Your Enemy
A8 The Tetrap Eyrie (1)
A9 Landscape
A10 New Wardrobe
A11 Mel and the Bubble Trap
A12 Mel and the Bubble Trap (continued)
A13 The Tetrap Eyrie (2)
A14 Wait Here
A15 Memory Like An Elephant
A16 Faroon, Ikona and the Mourning
B1 Urak Nets The Rani
B2 Pulses
B3 The Rani's TARDIS
B4 You're a Time Lord
B5 She's Coming
B6 Cliffhanger in the Eyrie
B7 Doctor on the Loose (Part 1)
B8 Doctor on the Loose (Parts 2-4)
B9 Doctor on the Loose (Part 5 - The Bubble Trap)
B10 Faroon Forlorn / Doctor on the Loose (Part 6)
B11 Future Pleasure
B12 Beez
B13 Hologram Mel
B14 Just the Expert
B15 As Sentimental as He Is
C1 Fixed Trajectory/Second Bluff
C2 All as Planned
C3 The Brain
C4 The Brain (reprise)
C5 Dissidents to Heel
C6 March of the Tetraps / Anklet Death
C7 The Rani Explains
C8 Urak Overhears
C9 Loyhargil (1)/As You Snore So Shall You Sleep/Loyhargil (2)/Where there's a Will/Loyhargil (3)
C10 The Rani Leaves
C11 Undoing The Rani
C12 Fingers Crossed
C13 Not Forgotten
C14 Time and Tide Melts the Snowman
C15 Doctor Who (Closing Theme)
D1 Doctor Who 1987
D2 The Death of Sarn (part, alternative version without rattle)
D3 Two "stings" (1m10 and 1m12)
D4 New Wardrobe (original mono mix without overdubs)
D5 New Wardrobe (overdubs)
D6 New Wardrobe (original mono TV mix as used)
D7 She's Coming (unused version 1)
D8 Cliffhanger in the Eyrie (unused version 1)
D9 Cliffhanger in the Eyrie (Part Two Reprise edit)
D10 Future Pleasure (original master, 25th Anniversary Album edit)
D11 The Brain (25th Anniversary Album edit)
D12 Doctor Who Theme 1987 (original demo)
D13 Doctor Who Opening Title 1987 (original demo)
D14 Doctor Who Closing Title 1987 (original demo)
Doctor Who – Time And The Rani was the opening serial of season 24, first broadcast on September 7th, 1987. It marked the debut of Sylvester McCoy and featured CGI in a very basic form as the technology was still in development. It also debuted a new computer animated opening title sequence with a new synthesiser version of the theme created by Keff McCulloch.
The composer was invited to create incidental music for the series and became a regular member of the team also writing music for Delta & The Bannerman, Paradise Towers, Remembrance Of The Daleks, Silver Nemesis, Battlefield, Dimensions In Time and Shada.
Keff, Dominic Glynn and Mark Ayres were the composers for the last three years of Doctor Who on its original run that ended in 1989, the latter compiling and producing this release.