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Join Us For Record Store Day 20th April 2024
Edition: Standard CD
Condition: New

Angels Of Light - The Angels Of Light Sing "Other People"

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Condition: New

Track Listing / Description
1  Lena's Song
2  The Kid Is Already Breaking
3  My Friend Thor
4  On The Mountain
5  Destroyer
6  Dawn
7  My Sister Said
8  Michael's White Hands
9  To Live Through Someone
10  Simon Is Stronger Than Us
11  Purple Creek
12  Jackie's Spine
Fresh off of their European headline tour that included a prime spot at Download Festival, the band are back to release their best work to date. "Nothing is better than doing what you love", says BUSH's frontman Gavin Rossdale.
Michael Gira formed Angels Of Light after the conclusion of Swans in 1997. We Are Him was initially released in 2007 and features Akron/Family (Dana Janssen, Miles Seaton Cooper, Seth Olinsky and Ryan Vanderhoof), along with Kristof Hahn, Phil Puleo and Bill Rieflin. The record is about getting by and trying to survive with a family and a faith at a time when "the dogs...howl as the street fills with blood." - Micheal Gira/Young God Records