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Prince – Sign "O" The Times Super Deluxe Edition Box Set 13x 180G Vinyl LP + DVD

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by Prince
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Condition: New
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Barcode: 603497847099
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Prince – Sign "O" The Times
Super Deluxe Edition Box Set (13x 180G Vinyl LP + DVD)
CAT: 603497847099
Media: Mint
Sleeve: Near Mint
Not: Brand New, Sealed & Unplayed.
Track List/Description:
Remastered for the first time, 13 record set plus DVD, 180 gram vinyl. Contains 120-Page hardback book.
Sign "O" The Times  
A1             Sign O' The Times        4:57
A2             Play In The Sunshine    5:06
A3             Housequake        4:40
A4             The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker 4:03
B1             It      5:10
B2             Starfish And Coffee      2:50
B3             Slow Love   4:22
B4             Hot Thing   5:39
B5             Forever In My Life        3:32
C1             U Got The Look    3:46
C2             If I Was Your Girlfriend 5:04
C3             Strange Relationship     4:03
C4             I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man       6:30
D1             The Cross   4:49
D2             It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night       9:02
D3             Adore 6:35
Single Mixes & Edits 
E1             Sign O' The Times (Edit)        3:41
E2             La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Edit) 3:22
E3             La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Highly Explosive)        10:47
F1              If I Was Your Girlfriend (Edit) 3:47
F2              Shockadelica       3:31
F3              Shockadelica (12" Long Version)     6:13
F4              U Got The Look (Long Look)  6:41
G1             Housequake (Edit)        3:22
G2             Housequake (7 Minutes MoQuake)  7:12
G3             I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Fade)         3:39
G4             Hot Thing (Edit)   3:41
H1             Hot Thing (Extended Remix)  8:32
H2             Hot Thing (Dub Version)        6:53
Vault Tracks I  
I1              I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (1979 Version)     3:13
I2              Teacher, Teacher (1985 Version)    3:08
I3              All My Dreams     7:24
I4              Can I Play With U?       6:40
J1              Wonderful Day (Original Version)    3:48
J2              Strange Relationship (Original Version)    6:42
J3              Visions       2:19
K1             The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (With Horns)       4:56
K2             Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 1)     4:00
K3             Power Fantastic (Live In Studio)     7:18
K4             And That Says What?   1:50
K5             Love And Sex      4:12
L1              A Place In Heaven (Prince Vocal)    2:58
L2              Colors        1:01
L3              Crystal Ball (7" Mix)     3:30
L4              Big Tall Wall (Version 1)        5:59
L5              Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A        2:33
L6              In A Large Room With No Light       3:27
Vault Tracks II 
M1             Train 4:22
M2             It Ain't Over ‘Til The Fat Lady Sings 2:22
M3             Eggplant (Original Prince Vocal)      5:19
M4             Everybody Want What They Don't Got     2:09
M5             Blanche      5:37
N1             Soul Psychodelicide (1986 Master)  12:37
N2             The Ball      4:34
N3             Adonis And Bathsheba  5:28
O1             Forever In My Life (Early Vocal Run-Through)   6:25
O2             Crucial (Alternate Lyrics)       6:15
O3             The Cocoa Boys   6:06
P1              When The Dawn Of The Morning Comes   6:17
P2              Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 2)     5:03
P3              It Be's Like That Sometimes   3:19
Vault Tracks III
Q1             Emotional Pump  4:59
Q2             Rebirth Of The Flesh (Original Outro)       5:28
Q3             Cosmic Day 5:39
Q4             Walkin' In Glory   5:14
R1             Wally 4:45
R2             I Need A Man      5:33
R3             Promise To Be True      3:38
R4             Jealous Girl (Version 2) 4:52
S1             There's Something I Like About Being Your Fool         3:49
S2             Big Tall Wall (Version 2)        5:46
S3             A Place In Heaven (Lisa Vocal)        2:46
T1              Wonderful Day (12" Mix)       7:34
T2              Strange Relationship (1987 Shep Pettibone Club Mix)         7:08
Live In Utrecht 6/20/87   
U1             Intro / Sign O' The Times       5:36
U2             Play In The Sunshine    4:36
U3             Little Red Corvette       1:36
U4             Housequake        4:52
V1             Girls & Boys        4:17
V2             Slow Love   5:05
V3             Take The "A" Train / Pacemaker / I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man  10:17
W1            Hot Thing   6:15
W2            Four  6:12
W3            If I Was Your Girlfriend 5:17
X1             Let's Go Crazy     6:10
X2             When Doves Cry  2:46
X3             Purple Rain 5:40
X4             1999 5:54
Y1              Forever In My Life        13:12
Y2              Kiss   3:33
Y3              The Cross   7:44
Z               It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night       13:55
DVD - Live At Paisley Park 12/31/87:       
DVD-1                Sign O' The Times        5:41
DVD-2                Play In The Sunshine    4:23
DVD-3                Little Red Corvette       1:38
DVD-4                Erotic City  3:06
DVD-5                Housequake        4:08
DVD-6                Slow Love   0:59
DVD-7                Do Me, Baby       2:00
DVD-8                Adore 6:47
DVD-9                I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man         7:41
DVD-10              What's Your Name Jam 5:31
DVD-11              Let's Pretend We're Married   0:52
DVD-12              Delirious     1:11
DVD-13              Jack U Off   1:43
DVD-14              Drum Solo  4:03
DVD-15              Twelve       1:46
DVD-16              Hot Thing   4:55
DVD-17              If I Was Your Girlfriend 6:56
DVD-18              Let's Go Crazy     6:51
DVD-19              When Doves Cry  2:44
DVD-20              Purple Rain 4:10
DVD-21              1999 3:14
DVD-22              U Got The Look    8:05
DVD-23              It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night Medley    33:49
Original Promo Videos      
DVD-24              Sign O' The Times        3:44
DVD-25              U Got The Look    5:30
DVD-26              I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man         4:03